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Storage Tank

Since the evolution of the first cultures, liquid, powdered and free flowing media are kept in open jugs, pots and barrels for short or medium-term storage .

However, some decades ago, certain techniques have evolved to store economically large quantities of liquid and pasty products on a long-term basis utilizing vessels made of corrosion resistant materials.

The high-quality surfaces of the used materials, further refined by mechanical or electro-chemical polishing procedures, create storage room which inhibits bacteria for almost any liquids.


A storage tank is a container, usually for holding liquids, sometimes for compressed gases (gas tank). The term can be used for reservoirs (artificial lakes and ponds), and for manufactured containers.  In other countries, the term tends to refer only to artificial containers.

In the USA, storage tanks operate under no (or very little) pressure, distinguishing them from pressure vessels. Storage tanks are often cylindrical in shape, perpendicular to the ground with flat bottoms, and a fixed or floating roof. There are usually many environmental regulations applied to the design and operation of storage tanks, often depending on the nature of the fluid contained within. Aboveground storage tanks (AST) differ from underground (UST) storage tanks in the kinds of regulations that are applied.

Reservoirs can be covered, in which case they may be called covered or underground storage tanks or reservoirs. Covered water tanks are common in urban areas.

Storage tanks are available in many shapes: vertical and horizontal cylindrical; open top and closed top; flat bottom, cone bottom, slope bottom and dish bottom. Large tanks tend to be vertical cylindrical, or to have rounded corners (transition from vertical side wall to bottom profile, to easier withstand hydraulic hydrostatically induced pressure of contained liquid. Most container tanks for handling liquids during transportation are designed to handle varying degrees of pressure.

A large storage tank is sometimes mounted on a lorry or on an articulated lorry trailer, which is then called a tanker.


ARMINDO is the right partner in the fabrication of storage tanks. in Armindo,Storage tanks are made of chromium-nickel stainless steels, special nickel alloys or highly corrosion resistant materials such as hastelloy or titanium and those are custom-designed for each client.

Even in most difficult environments, we provide solutions for storage tank's specific problems. Apart from the economical manufacturing of tanks and silos in the production plants of the ARMINDO group, storage tanks are welded within cellarage and fitted into the respective surroundingsand this is a real specialty of ARMINDO that is supported by many specialist in storage tank's fabrication.

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