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Engineering And Fabricator As One Of Our Line Business

About PT ARMINDO Jaya Mandiri

Our company, PT ARMINDO Jaya Mandiri was officially establish in 2006 . If we shall be back to 1997 when the original founders formed one company as manufacturer of some rotary parts and chemicals; This company is as our new trade name to bring more qualified company and will support our cutomers to match all of their requirements.

Engineering and Fabricator as one of our line business has some experiences in design and manufacturing of vessel, heat exchanger, storage tank, structural building, and project management for oil/gas plant, petrochemical, industrial and power plant.

Our quality can be referring to some of na- tional and international code such as SNI (Standard National Indonesia), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineer), HEI (Heat Exchanger Institute), API (American Petroleum Institute), TEMA

Supported by our own facilities and select- ed vendors, we always make our customers to find their priorities.

To maximize of local content, mostly we do our own facilities with using best Indonesian labor and technologies. And as extending of our principal, we will supply all material, equipments, consumable and spare parts as same as with our principal quality. They can be justified since our principal always cooperates if any customers complain come.

In integration to our product to be solved, we have our own Inspection Facilities and some qualified personals to bring together in line of quality which request- ed.

Keep on mind that our duty is : TO MAKE CUSTOMER SATISFICATION.